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Land Drainage

Upon making an initial enquiry with ourselves regarding any Land Drainage Works, an experienced and professional member of our team will arrange to carry out an initial site visit to assess the requirements of the works. This initial site visit will enable our team to gather information on the land, soil type, levels and services in the area. We will also complete utility searches of the affected area before any works begin to ensure utmost health and safety.

Following an initial site visit, a report will be created to detail the works required. The most common starting point for our team is to arrange for access to the site to complete a drainage investigation. During this investigation, our team can determine the current drainage system used in the affected area, drainage issues and problems in the affected area and much, much more. From this investigation, our team will then collate a report of the findings, and create and design our recommended drainage remedial scheme to repair the findings if necessary. These drainage investigations are essential to find the cause of the issue and help our team determine the most efficient and effective remedial works required – as drainage issues are 9 times out of 10 hidden beneath the surface.

On completion of any investigation or remedial works, a full detailed drainage report will be created and a map of the findings/works completed will be designed.

High Pressure Pipelines

We have a vast range of knowledge and experience in both pre-con and post-con drainage for major gas pipelines installations cross country.

We also have high levels of knowledge and experience in high pressure gas pipeline exposures. In our case study section, you can see details of a recent example of a pipeline exposure which we performed for a major gas pipeline organisation. Our team successfully and professionally excavated a safe working area for the pipeline to be X-Rayed and repaired.

River Revetment

We have successfully completed several river revetment jobs to the satisfaction of SEPA, the Fisheries Commission, the Forestry Commission and the client.

  • We deal with all licenses and permissions reducing the amount of work for the client.
  • Small washouts quickly gain momentum and can very quickly become major repairs.
  • We advise tackling the repairs early to reduce future costs.

In our case study section, you can see various examples of river revetment works which we have completed.

Aerial Markers

We can supply, install and maintain colour coded aerial markers to assist with helicopter surveys over major gas pipelines.

We can also offer line walk services, distributing ‘Dial Before U Dig’ leaflets as we progress, where required. During these line walks, we will check for any potential issues, the security of any over-ground components and cleaning and maintaining warning signage. Our line walk investigations can be designed and planned to meet your exact needs.

Emergency Stand By

Under contract, we can guarantee mobilisation of labour, equipment and machinery to any area in Scotland on an emergency basis. Response time will be determined by weather, area and distance from base, although we aim to be with you within 4 hours of an initial call.

We would endeavour to install a safe parking area and relevant welfare facilities for all employees on site and then work on site as instructed to resolve any issues presented.