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Plant & Equipment

With an account set up, we can supply you from our own inventory, or, we can procure any item of plant, materials or equipment you require should we not have it. We keep our systems straight forward and direct to ensure we meet your needs.

  • Excavators 1-30 ton
  • Vacuum excavation equipment
  • Dumpers 2-25 ton
  • Bulldozers up to 30 ton
  • Drainage Supplies
  • Tractor and any implement/ trailer
  • Manholes plus custom grates
  • Power tools
  • Hand tool



At W Turnbull Excavator Hire Ltd, we operate excavations using two excavators, a Takeuchi TB290 - 9 tonne excavator and a Takeuchi TB2150 - 15 tonne tonne excavator. Both excavators are fitted with Powerhand / Steelwrist attachments, allowing 360 degree rotational use of the bucket. The Powerhand / Steelwrist attachments are essential pieces of kit, as they reduce the amount of mess and compaction created by the excavator when installing land drains etc.

Our excavators have a large amount of additional features, such as a height restrictors, Chalwyn Valves, Spark Arrestors and as mentioned before, the Powerhand / Steelwrist attachments. Our Takeuchi excavators are prepared for use within High Pressure Gas Line areas and compounds.


Mole Plough

  • An economical alternative to piped drains, mole ploughs are a popular method of dealing with wet areas out with the drainage system.
  • The plough inserts a column of gravel into the ground, connecting the wet area to existing drains.
  • The benefits of the mole plough – the procedure is less invasive than traditional drainage methods and reinstatement is minimal. Under ideal circumstances, over 1km per day can be installed by a 2-person team.

Gravel Trailer

Our uniquely designed gravel trailer was built in 2001 and has proven to be a great success. It has a 10-12 tonne capacity, enabling the operator to drive alongside an open trench, where a land drain has been installed, and top it up with gravel. This reduces the amount of mess and compaction for landowners.

The gravel trailer has a 6 wheel drive operation system and sits on floatation tyres/wheels, enabling it to be used on most types of terrain with ease.


Our subsoiler (shakerator) is an essential piece of machinery for the industry in which we work. Compacted soils are a severe issue in modern day farm land, due to farm machinery constantly increasing in size and weight and therefore compacting the soil.

Our subsoiler (shakerator) is designed to loosen severely compacted soils and allow water to filter down through the land, therefore reducing cases of ponding etc. The subsoiler (shakerator) is an attachment for the back of our agricultural tractor and has proven to be a great success improving cases of compaction.

Drain Jetter and Massey Fergusson 135

Our drain jetter is an attachment for the back of our Massey Fergusson 135 tractor. The drain jetter is a Dutch Design, which enables the operator to flush out severely blocked land drains.

With a supply of clean water available, the drain jetter is able to remove large amounts of silt and ochre resulting in the land drains running efficiently.