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About Us

W Turnbull Excavator Hire Ltd was established in 1975 by Mr William Turnbull. William Turnbull has over 50 years’ experience in the pipeline and land drainage industry, and being raised in an agricultural family, also many years’ of agricultural experience. W Turnbull Excavator Hire Ltd is committed to working alongside major gas and oil producers in order to improve land drainage for landowners with gas / oil pipelines on their land.

Our team aim to work closely with gas / oil company personnel and most importantly, landowners themselves, in order to ensure the most effective drainage system is installed. W Turnbull Excavator Hire Ltd is also committed to working directly with landowners – offering services such as drain jetting, sub-soiling, river revetment and of course, land drainage. We work closely with the landowner for all projects, taking into consideration their needs and requirements, and we are able to advise and create a suitable solution to any issues.

W Turnbull Excavator Hire Ltd has a small group of dedicated employees who are committed to providing a first class service to all customers who deal with the organisation.

Accreditation and Policies